Astral YTV Playboating PFD is AWESOME!

I recently bought two new PFDs. After hearing such great things about Astral Green Jacket, I had to get one. I was so glad that I did. Not only that….I also got the new Astral YTV for playing at the park. This is by far, the best playboating PFD I have worn yet. While there are many out there that are designed to fit small, and keep your torso and arms free for all the moves you need when throwing down, the YTV takes this to the next level.

I was surprised when I put it on how Lightweight it is! This is by far the best feature. You don’t even realize you have it on, yet it does everything you need it to.  the adjustable straps on both the side and the top is definitely the way to go for PFDs. It is much easier for me to get these on and off as well as getting it to fit just right. No buckles on the YTV to worry about. Just get it snug enough and it stays right in place.

Also, for other girls out there. I am amazed at how awesome both the Greenjacket and the YTV fit. Sometimes, you don’t know where to go with our extra stuff up top. Do you squish them down, push them up? Some PFDs push them to the side…so uncomfortable. Astral puts the majority of the floatation underneath the chest, leaving a nice and comfortable and spacious resting spot for them above. For this reason alone, I will never go back to my previous jackets.

Another fun bonus about the YTV was that when I got to the park last week, Chris O’Brien also had one. And, after just an hour or two on the water we had talked to much about how great they were,  his buddy went to Divepoint to get his own. Now there are 3 of us at the Park with these awesome Yellow PFDs and I started getting questions about what the deal was with them since we stood out from the other mostly black PFDs on the water.

In addition to all of this, the standard quick access knife tab is also on the YTV. The pockets are great, easily accessible, and there’s even a loop inside to attach something you might not want to lose, like a key. Not to mention, the yellow really matches my new Packer colored Jackson Star! Don’t worry though, if you’re not a fan of the yellow, the YTV comes in other colors too.

The YTV has all the basics you need. It’s simple; which makes it great for a day at the park. So, Check it out for yourself!

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May 25th, 2018

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