Local River Descriptions

Clear Creek Jett to Lilly

Class II+(III)

Rain Fed

Levels: 170-2000 CFS

Description: This beautiful section of Clear Creek is a beginner’s paradise. Remote,

good recover pools and excellent water quality are just a few of the reasons many

paddlers flock to this section. Recently ETWC build a change spot at the Jett put-in. The

river is mainly class II boogy water with a few sections of excitement. Each Rapid has

pools after it for recover. The biggest rapid of this section occurs just above the takeout.

Lilly Bridge Rapid is a tiered drop on river right. As skills progress this is a great place

to practice eddy hopping and cross current ferries. Below the rapid you will eddy out

on river right and climb the large concrete staircase to the bridge and takeout. A new

bathroom has recently been built at the Lilly Bridge and is a nice added amenity.

French Broad Sec. 11 (Del Rio to Bridgeport)

Class I to II (III)

Rain Fed

Levels: 600-10000 CFS

Description: This is a beautiful section of the French broad that takes you from one rural

town to another if you choose to run the entire section. You can cut down on the flat

water as well as time on this trip if you park at a pull off above the falls (Viewable from

the road) or at the falls and take out at the big new bridge(pull off’s on both sides takeout

is river left). There is a thin strip of public land right between the private property lines.

Contact has been made with the owners at the falls and they are building a cabin, but

they don’t mind boaters as long as we don’t litter. This run is about 1.5hrs. Rapids are;

Waterfall (III), Campsite Rapid (II), Milky Way(II+), Mini Size Milky Way (II), Vee

Rapid (II), (Construction Rapid (II). There is still flat water but it is a good beginner run,

most rapids are deep and allow for good recovery. A few small class I rapids are scattered

in that list, but not worth having a name. Remember this is a Beginner run and a good

place to learn eddy turns, combat rolling and any other basic skill needed.

Little River Sinks to Elbow

Class III-IV+

Rain Fed

Levels: 1.4-4.8 feet

Description: The Little River is the staple of the Smokies Region boating scene. It is a

larger watershed that will run for a day or two after all the other creeks have fallen out.

Mainly a Class III+ run it begins and ends with a bang. The Meanies(IV) Sinks(IV+)

lead you out at the put-in. After the Sinks it is a solid Class III creek down to Eddy Out.

This III+ to IV requires a boof off of a flake on river left to avoid the small hole and cave

that the current wants to drive you towards. The eddy just above the final drop is on river

left and helps to set your angle for the boof. Beyond Eddy Out the river slows down to

class III boogie including a few fun drops like Bottoms up, Airplane turn and Tunnel.

The river has an easy class IV finish with the elbow. This is often paddler’s first class IV

rapid and the key is staying right along the way. The rock on paddlers left in the chute

is undercut. The take out is about 100 yards down on river left. This is a great creek run

that can be ran at lower levels for intro to higher levels for difficulty. If the Little is too

high look to paddle Tremont on the other side of the ridge.

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