The Seaway Valley, Canada

seawayvalleyWelcome to the Seaway Valley, Canada

The Seaway Valley stretches along the St-Lawrence River from Brockville east past Montreal, North into the farmlands, and South to the foothills of the Adirondacks in Northern New York. Is there any whitewater kayaking in the Seaway Valley? You better believe it! The St-Lawrence River drives a large volume of water through shallow passages to create some well-known features including the Lachine Rapids and Expo 67 in Montreal. The water from the St-Lawrence River is also forced through the Riviere St-Charles in Valleyfield Quebec to provide a great whitewater park with features for all levels, and when the gates are open the “croque-mort” (the undertaker) shows it face in Melocheville Quebec. But wait, that is not all!!! All that water does not just come from the great lakes. There are so many feeder rivers and spring creeks that feed the St-Lawrence. The Richelieu River gives us the rapids at Chambly. When the snow pack melts and the rains come up the rivers and streams that flow South out of the Laurentians and north out of the Adirondacks, into the Seaway Valley are within an hour drive of the Seaway Valley.

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