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Ellen 2010 cucumberThe NY/NJ/Eastern PA area has a surprising variety of WW kayak opportunities within a 2 hour drive of the most densely populated region in the US. What we lack in wilderness we make up with camaraderie with fellow paddlers. It’s never difficult to find paddling buddies and carpoolers. We have a variety of rivers from beginner Class 1 and 2 training sites to Class IV and V creeks, and lots in between, almost all with easy access. The rivers are surprisingly clean and beautiful. Many of them are in state or federal parks. We are blessed with rainfall all year, warm weather and warm water in the summer, and scheduled dam releases to get us through the drier summer months. We have park and play all year at Scudders on the Delaware, and a contingent of surf boaters out in the ocean. We also have many paddling clubs and an ample supply of pool sessions in convenient locations to tune up your skills in the winter.

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June 20th, 2018

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