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nemainThe North East Region: cultivates many outdoor adventure types because of the beautiful landscapes, gorgeous mountains, oceans, rivers, valleys, and streams. This region, rich with historical significance, offers waterways for the novice whitewater enthusiast to the moderate and expert. Plus if you love solitude and exploration what better way to see the countryside and experience the natural beauty and dangers. From whatever level you are at there is always a place to paddle with the abundance of rivers and streams, and there is nothing like the freeness of just you, your boat/ paddle and the water. After you have had a chance to get away you may want to experience the culture that exists for boaters and non boaters alike. Throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts there are a host of white water sporting events, one of the most renowned is the Deerfield River Festival held annually in July since 1993 on the Massachusetts Deerfield River in Charlemont. With class I to class IV rapids for great paddling, exciting competitions, live entertainment, and an ‘infamous’ silent auction. Another event that is hosted in Jamaica Vermont is held twice a year, once in the spring and a late summer event as well! A semi-annual Dam release that turns a complacent stream into a roaring class III to class IV & V run. This is an opportunity that you won’t want to miss with miles of rapids and holes to test your skill and give you the adventure you desire. You have to try this one! New York’s St. Lawrence County has a full season of whitewater releases in Canton. Runs start with a 60-foot high slide/waterfall combination and then for the next two miles plummets over eight more significant drops or slides. Stone Valley qualifies as a classic expert-level whitewater run. When you experience the uniqueness of the North East with it’s multitude of outdoor adventure opportunities, and the friendly country folk with their signature New England charm, you’ll want to come try the North East Region again!

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