2011 Slalom Survivor #2 – Mini-Gap

Aug ’11

Slalom survivor is a fun slalom race that does not involve traditional gates instead we use fun unusual obstacles as well as a sense of creativity to find the fastest path along a set course.  These are some things you might encounter in the fun slalom: weave in and out of buoys, paddle through rings, throw and catch paddles, capture tags and tag objects or people!  Competitors will register at the Zoar Gap picnic area.  Following a short racers meeting the race will be held in Mini-Gap to possibly Slam Dance a class two rapid below Zoar Gap rapid.  The goal of the race is to connect with local paddlers and put a smile on your face.

Registration / Meeting LocationCompetitors register at the Zoar Gap Picnic Area boaters parking area 2 hours after the water release or if we have water all day release at noon.  Competitors will add their name to the roster and fill out both a Zoar wavier and a World Kayak waiver. Before the start of the event there will be a competitors meeting to go over rules.

Competition InfoThe competition is a fun slalom style obstacle course open to all maneuverable watercraft, canoe, kayak, SUP and raft. We will create different categories for the different types of boats but if you paddle a unique boat you may end up combined with a more common class. Competitors will need to be competant in class II water.  This is a timed event with extra bonus point awarded or deducted depending on the obstable. Volunteer rescue teams set-up along the way, however competitors will also have to be able to perform self rescue techniques if they capsize.  Outside help is allowed in the event of a capsize and swim, but time will be lost.

Rules, Timing & Judging-  Each competitor will be timed and awarded different time penalties or bonus points depending on the obstacle which will be explained at the competitors meeting.  You must stay in the river, no roadside help is allowed.  Capsizing is not a disqualification, get back in and continue the course or swim it.  You must be in your boat over the finish line.

Prizes and Accolades - The awards ceremony will take place after the event at the competitor’s registration area.  Scores will be announced by class. After the scores have been announced and the winners for each division recognized, prizes will be awarded. There will not be any specific prizes for highest scores. Rather all prizes will be awarded by a random drawing with competitors and volunteers getting to choose their prize from the remaining selection once their name has been called until all prizes are gone. This is a free volunteer based event and everyone who participates, can possibility win something!

Spectators - You can view the hoopla from the road above the river.  You are not allowed to park along the side of the road, the police will ticket you, please park at Zoar Gap picnic area and walk along the road.  Be careful, there is lots of poison ivy along the guard rail and the rivers edge on that side of the river.  Don’t touch the poison ivy, three leaves and green is bad.  Hope to see you there, we appreciate the support.  P.S. if you bring bagpipes you will also get a prize at the award ceremony, but only if you wear a kilt.

Volunteers Needed! - For this event to be successful volunteers are needed to help with scoring, safety boating, and timing.  Competitors can volunteer.  If competitors in the advanced class help out with safety boating they will still have plenty of time to compete and it would be greatly appreciated.

For more information go to http://www.kayaklesson.com/free-paddling-events.htm or contact Janet, Ben or Jim at 800-532-7483 or janet@zoaroutdoor.com.

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