2011 Dragon’s Tooth Hometown Throwdown

Jul ’11
1:00 pm

The World Kayak Throwdowns are designed as “low key FUN events aimed at bringing communities of recreational boaters together in the spirit of simple competition.” The WK Dragon’s Tooth Hometown Throwdown is taking place at Dragon’s Tooth rapid on the Dryway section of the Deerfield River. This is a “through the rapid” format for this event is an informal freestyle event with the emphasis on having a great time. Competitors will be able to use any the the features in the rapid and can perform as many moves they can in the allotted time. We have two classes of competitors, reccreation and pro, so people are competing against other paddlers with similar abilities. Not only will the scores be based on freestyle moves but style, smiles, color coordination, attitudes and costumes. While the event will be judged and competitors will be awarded a score, prizes will be given by a random drawing.

Meeting Location – The event will be held from 10 am to 2 pm at the Dragon’s Tooth rapid on the Dryway section of the Deerfield River. Competitors meeting will be at 9:30 at Dunbar brook picnic area. When registering for the event, competitors will need to decide which class they would like to compete with, add their name to the roster as well as fill out both a Zoar wavier and a World Kayak waiver. Before the start of the event there will be a competitors meeting to go over rules, make sure everyone has registered, and to get the event started.

Competition Info – The competition will be divided into two classes. The more advanced class will be scored using a slightly altered official freestyle (world cup or similar) score sheet with a bonus being added in for style. The recreation class will be scored using a fun score sheet that is based on style, attitude, smiles, color coordination, and costumes plus points being awarded for various tricks/moves.

Rules & Scoring – The main purpose is to connect paddlers and give everyone an opportunity to show off the skills they have mastered. After the competitors meeting, competitors will have the opportunity to take a practice run. Then the competition will begin. The recreation class will go first and will be followed by the pro class. Competitors are allowed to use any of the features at the competition site to try to earn style/skill points. Possible features include flatwater, eddylines, seams, waves, holes, rocks, and more. Competitors will get 2 or 3 rides of 30 to 60 seconds each (depending on the number of competitors) to earn points.

Prizes and Accolades -The awards ceremony will take place after the event at the competitor’s registration area. Scores will be announced by class. After the scores have been announced and the winners for each division recognized, prizes will be awarded. There will not be any specific prizes for highest scores. Rather all prizes will be awarded by a random drawing with competitors and volunteers getting to choose their prize from the remaining selection once their name has been called until all prizes are gone. This is a free volunteer based event and everyone who participates, can possibility win something!

Volunteers Needed! – For this event to be successful volunteers are needed to help with scoring, safety boating, and timing. Competitors will be required to help with the event as needed. There will be plenty of time to compete and volunteer.

For more information go to http://www.kayaklesson.com/free-paddling-events.htm or contact Janet, Ben or Jim at 800-532-7483 or janet@zoaroutdoor.com.

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