Nashville World Kayak – HTTD – The Final Showdown!


Jim Reynolds rips it up in Harker's Hole at 400 cfs

Greetings fellow paddlers. This post finds us in one of the wettest summers of middle Tennessee history. It’s been a blast, getting to know my fellow kayakers by paddling the local playspots! These playspots are both natural and man-made, some constructed by highly motivated local area playboaters who need a place to practice for when they hit the big waves.


view from downstream at Rodeo Hole in Rock Island State Park

Some of these places are downright awesome, offering great eddy service to wait your turn, easy accessibility from the river banks and nearby parking lots to park lots of cars in.


wasSUP Chris Gibson?!? This picture was taken at the Crumbles in Murfreesboro, TN.

So to celebrate the fact that we middle Tennesseeans finally have whitewater nearby to play on, I’m hosting my final Hometown Throwdown of the season! This will be considered a “mystery” competition with a location to be announced.


Chris Gibson tears it up in Rodeo Hole at Rock Island State Park

For a list of potential playspots where this competition could take place, refer to my Local Playspots page on my World Kayak Nashville site. If you can think of any other nearby playspots where something like this could take place, send me a message on Facebook, and I’ll add it for you!


"The Crumbles" on the Stones River

The action will all go down on Sunday, 25 August, starting at 2pm. I will post again sometime during the week before the date to provide an update on the location. It’s all based on rainfall, unfortunately, as to where the event goes down, but rest assured we will have one!


Racers at the Clear Creek Boater X race during the World Kayak Plateau Creek Race Series this past winter

So, whether you just got into kayaking and wanna see some vets pounding out some tricks in the expert division, or you’re a intermediate paddler and want to see how you’d fare in competition with people around your same skill class, or if you’re a beginner and want to meet some local paddlers, come on out to our final Hometown Throwdown of the season, Nashville World Kayak’s – The Final Showdown! See you there and keep tabs on me for more details!


To pre-register for this event, click here…

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