Rock Island Freestyle Cup — Update!!!!

Rock Island's Seive City at 60K cfs

Hey there fellow paddlers! As you all may know, the southeast has been getting pounded by major rains as of lately bring our river levels WAY up, which, for most places is a good thing. But not for Rock Island. Since Rock Island is the┬ámeeting point for two major rivers, theres just not alot of storage space there at the great falls dam to keep this water, so they have to let it go! The level we were asking the tva for was around 12-1600 cfs for our Freestyle Cup. This lower level would make rodeo wave way more friendly and would make the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association’s job of providing safety, more manageable. The level as of yesterday was around 60,000 cfs! And it looks like there’s a chance of rain everyday this week, so will it come down enough for our competition? I doubt it. This is why I’m postponing the freestyle date until further notice. We will let it dry out just a bit and let the levels fall to a more manageable cfs. Most likely this postpone will only last a couple weeks, and we will be back with a new date soon. I apologize for having to do this people. I hope you understand. Stay tuned for more information and as always, we’ll see you on the river!


Photo coutesy of Tim Curtis.

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