NOC #3 Throwdown Results: Ending on a high note

July was our last official throwdown, but it but some new faces. The weather was great and everyone had a ton of smiles. There was so much spinning around that a few of our competitors got dizzy.

We had 19 competitors for this throwdown. It great to see some new faces in the crowd as each event continues to grow. We even had the return of the hometown celebrity Ms Rowan Stewart (we made her take on the men) after her return from the World Cup in Europe.

So many folks have really grown over the summer and it has been a great series this year. We will end our season with the WK ProAm for First Descents in August.


1. Sierra
2. Evy
3. Greeta
4. Olivia
5. Lili

1. Justin
2. Corey
3. Max
4. Devon
5. Patrick
6. William

2. Rowan
3. Jeff
4. Nathan
5. Jason
6. Scott
7. Justin
8. Mark

Check out these links for photos of the event

Thanks to everyone for coming out, next event is the August 23rd at NOC

Special Thanks to our guest photographers Jeff and Sara, timekeeper KK and Scribe Amy. Thanks to all our great sponsors for making these events possible.

NOC #2 Throwdown Results: Let the good times roll on

June brought great weather and another super fun throwdown. A lot of the competitors returned to the June throwdown to get in their newest tricks and just have some fun at the NOC Wave.

We had 30 competitors for this throwdown. Many of the competitors have learned that the cartwheels and spins are the moves that get the points. Lots of competitors also gave us there best entry moves. The best had to be the huge smiles that everyone had.

It great to see some new faces in the crowd as each event continues to grow. Even Wk Ambassador Jason got to get in on the action. Can’t wait to see what all the competitors bring next month.


1. Sierra
2. Cat

1. Corey
2. Kenya
3. Justin
4. Max
5. Devon
6. Carter
7. David
8. Wes
9. Marcus
10. Randy

2. Trey
3. Jeremy
4. Jeff
5. Carter
6. David
7. Brad
8. Tyler
9. Jason
10. Brendon
11. Zach

For more pictures go to

Thanks to everyone for coming out, next event is the July 22nd at NOC

Special Thanks to our guest photographer, Alicia, timekeeper Eric and Scribe Amy. Thanks to all our great sponsors for making these events possible.

Spring Splash NOC Hometown Throwdown #1

NOC #1 Throwdown Results: Newcomers Welcome!!!

Spring Slash at the NOC was host to the first WK Hometown Throwdown at NOC for the year. We had a great group of competitors that traveled from near and far to show us their best tricks in the hole. We even had an appearance by the one and only Clay Wright (in his lighting bolt Rockstar). We had some great guest announcers and there were smiles and laughs on everyone’s faces. For some the event was a family event with two sets of father/son competitors. Everyone had a great time and there was a great crowd!

We had 25 competitors for the first throwdown. There were plenty of cartwheels, spins, and loops galore. It was a great atmosphere and everyone had a fun time.


1. Rowan
2. Maria
3. Katie
4. Greta/Kat
6. Arianna

3. Corey
4. Noah
5. Devon
7. Max
8. Hunt

2. Eric
3. Spencer
5. Jeremy
6. Brad C
7. Brad B
8. Mike

Thanks to everyone for coming out, next event is the June 21st at NOC

Special Thanks to our guest photographer Tony Hartman (see the great photos below) and Scribe Amy. Thanks to all our great sponsors for making these events possible.

The Rocky Broad in July!

Here is a great edit from our friends at Kresh Productions. With all the rain in the SouthEast and the Nanny at levels beyond belief, forming a playwave at the falls some creeking is happening in July in the SE!

Staying Dry with new Gizmo from Kokatat

So our new Kokatat dry suits arrived. We very excited to see how they would fit. We had tried out the new Gizmo tool on the Kokatat website (insert website) so we could get the best fit. A perfect fit was achieved.

I am not the average sized boater. I am 5′ 2″ and have some junk in the trunk. I also wear a size 5 shoe. Putting on the drysuit the first time, every measurement worked perfectly. The legs and sleeves had been shortened just enough so that I had great mobolity and fit.

I think I will actually look forward to cold water paddling this year!

Jason also got a new suit that really suits him.

Check out the pics below to see our awesome new dry suits. Thanks to Kokatat for a great new tool and an awesome product as always.

Westward Ho

We were lucky enough to get to travel out west last week and sample a great classic Cali run. We hit the Chili bar section of the American. It was a great splashy run with three great rapids. Meatgrinder, First Threat, and Troublemaker make this run fun but it is the amazing scenery that had me in awe.

Thanks to a great crew including our fearless leader The Colin Kemp we were able to enjoy an amazing river. Special thanks to WK Ambassador Noah Fraser for lending me his boat.

Jason had his Go Pro on picture mode all down the ri ver and we managed to great almost 1000 pics on 16gb card.

Enjoy the pics, westward ho

Big Laurel….hidden gem

We discovered a great paddling this winter that I would love to share. Big Laurel Creek is tucked right by Hot Springs, NC. It is a sweet little creek that can give the most experienced paddler or a virtual newbie a great run. Starting at the put in, the first big rapid is Stairstep Rapid. It is two drops with a kicker wave at the bottom. The next big rapid is Suddy Hole, which has a great little surprise at the bottom. The run is finished out with some continuous run through the Narrows rapid. This creek run can be a great introduction to the type of creeks only found in the Southeast. Also, the entire run has a great trail that runs along the river. This means that any rapid can be portage and it also gives you a way to see all the rapids before you run them.
The surrounding area is so beautiful. There is a tree lined trail that runs the entire length of the run to the train tracks. At the end you can hike back to Stackhouse or continue down French Broad Section 9 to Hot Springs.

Please enjoy some pics below of one of our many runs this winter. There were taken with our awesome GoPro

How Yoga Can Help Your Paddling

Usually for me winter does not bring a lot of chances to get in my boat. I generally do not like being cold and this winter has been a doozy, bringing several days of snow and temperatures below my 50 degree threshold. I keep attempting to push that threshold but it has been hard. Maybe the addition of a drysuit to my kayaking gear might change that but for now, my kayaking has been on a bit of a slowdown. So while, the snow is falling outside I have taken to practicing more yoga to help get ready for what I hope will be a busy kayak season once the weather thaws. Before you start laughing, yoga can be a get addition to any paddler’s life. Nothing helps paddling like a strong set of core muscles and a and after 20 or 30 chaturangas (basically pushups while holding your abs tight) you can be sure you are building a strong set of abs, also yoga can be a great way to improve your back strength. Yoga has also been teaching me to become in touch with how your muscles move and react, courage to push yourself to do something you thought was impossible, and being mindful and present.
Kayaking requires that you be able to separate your lower half of your body from the top of half. This sounds crazy but you have to try and do two separate things at the same time. No easy feat. Many of the poses in yoga teach you about body alignment and when the pose is done correctly gives you an ability to place your body into many different balancing acts.
Back strength is also key to kayaking. A strong back and abs helps you to be a stronger paddler. Good posture will help give you an “edge” into eddies or around obstacles. Balance is also important to staying upright through boily water.
But I think the biggest thing yoga has been teaching me is to be mindful and present. The river is a wonderful place and when you are in the moment and paddling through an amazing rapid being present not only makes the run more fun but also allows you to make the hard moves. You can only do one thing while balancing on one leg and taking that to kayaking allows you to paddle even the hardest of rapids.
So while the cold sticks around a little longer I will work on a few more downward dogs so that I can be ready to hit the gnar once it thaws!

Tedinho Pro Boots! some Chaco Love Creek Style

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wear Chacos in your CreekBoat, in the winter and not freeze? I have been wearing these all winter boating around the Southeast on all my creek runs this winter so far and without a doubt the best creek shoes I have worn to date.

They fit in the boat no problem and are crazy comfortable. The Tedinho Pro boots are as lightweight as a pair of Chaco Sandals and have the same awesome LUVSEAT™ sole as the sandals. Hiking around strainers or to the Putin is no problem the traction is great, the Vibram® sole is nice and sticky even in snow. The upper part of the boot is a polyester canvas that dries really quick. With a pair of wool socks on under the boots your feet will stay nice and toasty. If only I could fit them in my playboat! The boots are so comfy that I have started wearing them off the river as well.

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