NOC and WorldKayak Throwingdown

Check out the NOC website for all the details for the Throwdwons that WorldKayak will be hosting at NOC this year!! including the Pro-Am which is gonna be huge.

So uncertain about what drysuit size???

So I have been debating about getting a drysuit for the past couple years, knowing that a swim is gonna happen sooner or later on one of those days that mother nature says you shouldn’t go kayaking because white stuff is falling from the sky but I gotta get on the water! Well Kokatat has made it easy. Because they manufacture on the US they can custom size your drysuit and now you can do it on-line with confidence! They have a great new tool on their website that takes the indecision out of what size you need before dropping $1,000, which really makes it easier. So if you have been thinking about it go here:

And for Western North Carolina the Events are……….

Go here for details:

We are really excited to be working with the NOC to host some great events this year at there, the home of the 2013 Freestyle World Championships! So come out and compete where the Pros will be going head to head in September. And come paddle with them on August 24th at the WorldKayak Pro-Am for First Descents! The first 2 events will be at the infamous Eternity Hole and then we move over to the NOC starting in June!

Nantahala Racing Club Glacier Breaker February 23, 2013

So the NOC will be the place to be this year starting with the Glacier Breaker this Saturday. We will be there and might even have some WorldKayak Stickers if you find us aka like at the NOC wave for the upside down boater! Go here for more info:

Nantahala Hometown Throwdown #1 (May 5, 2012)

It was a happy Cinco de Mayo at the Nantahala Wave! Saturday morning at the river began with rain, but the clouds soon parted and made way for sunshine and a beautiful afternoon for some playboating. The first Nantahala Hometown Throwdown of 2012 could not have been a better day filled with nice weather, big air moves, and lots of friendly competition and good sportsmanship!

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A Grand Brush with Killer Fang Falls


Near the beginning of the 280 mile journey through the Grand Canyon

“Piece of cake,” I think as I look out over Killer Fangs Falls, aptly named for two large rocks on the bottom right that stick up through the water…like fangs. The hard Vishnu Schist has been carved by the water for countless years, producing a rock that is fluted with sharp points and edges and that easily can flip or puncture a raft, either of which would mean hours of repair and possible injury.

The fangs seem to be easy to avoid, except for a pourover at the top of the rapid that splits the current and sends most of the water straight into the “Fangs.” As I continue to stare at the rapid and analyze the the water’s movement with my fellow boatmen, their trepidation gives me pause. The low water level has exposed the hidden fangs, so my previous runs and successes here mean nothing and I want to run it as quickly as possible.

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New Nantahala Hydropower License Issued!

Today, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a new 30 year license for the Nantahala Hydroelectric Project in Western North Carolina.  The new license confirms many elements of a 2003 collaborative settlement agreement developed by Duke Energy, American Whitewater, state and federal resource agencies, and many other stakeholders.  Included in the new license are flow releases that treat over 250,000 people each year to whitewater paddling on the Nantahala River, and form the backbone of the local economy.

Speficically, the new license mandates include:

  • A robust schedule of recreational releases on the Class II Lower Nantahala
  • 8 new recreational releases on the Class III/IV Upper Nantahala and Class V Cascades of the Nantahala.
  • New continuous base flows for Dicks Creek and Whiteoak Creek totalling 24 cfs
  • New and enhanced public access to rivers and reservoirs
  • Native fish restoration initiatives

American Whitewater, Carolina Canoe Club, and local river outfitters worked closely with Duke Energy and other partners for three years to negotiate the agreement that serves as the basis for this new federal license.  Since that time we actively and successfully advocated for the removal of Dillsboro Dam on the Tuckasegee River, which as a requirement of the related Tuckasegee dam relicensing had stalled the entire licensing process.  We will now be conducting a detailed review of the new Nantahala license, and working with our settlement partners on a path forward to implementation.

Many license provisions, including releases on the Cascades and Upper Nantahala, may take a year or possibly more to implement.  We will keep the paddling community posted as these releases are scheduled, and as potential volunteer opportunities arise.

Support American Whitewater!

posted February 8, 2012
by Kevin Colburn

Are you prepared for a fantastic 2012 at the Nantahala?

2012 is poised to be a great year around the Nantahala River! The Western North Carolina HTTD series will include four events during the summer and one event in the Fall at the Nantahala River. Mark your calendars for these dates:

Saturday, May 5
Sunday, June 17
Sunday, July 22
Sunday, August 19
Saturday, September 29 (NOC GAF weekend)

The three Sunday events will occur the day after the NOC Canoe Club Challenge, so plan a full weekend of competition including slalom, freestyle, and even downriver racing (on the August date only). The Nanty events will be held at the Nantahala Wave and the smaller “Bridge Wave.”

On Saturday, September 29 (NOC GAF weekend), a special HTTD event will be held–more details about this championship event will be released soon.

In addition to the HTTD events, there will be plenty of other events to get involved in: the NOC Freestyle Shootout, the ERA/Wavesport Nantahala Open, wildwater and slalom events, and the NOC’s 40th anniversary. Check the Events section for information on upcoming events in the Nantahala & Asheville areas.

It’s a great year to get involved so be sure to contact Amanda if you would like to volunteer for one of the Nantahala Hometown Throwdown events or if you have events to add to the calendar.

Event Series Organizer Contact Info:
Amanda Gettler “River Chick”

When the Water Rises and You Run Out of Daylight…by Kat Levitt

Jackson boater Kat Levitt wrote a really great article about what happens when the creek you are on flashes and you run out of daylight. She shares what she experienced recently when her husband and two other boaters did not return from a trip on the North Chick near Chattanooga. It’s an experience we can all learn from and she has shared some really great insights that we all need to think about.

Take the time to read this one!
When the Water Rises and You Run Out of Daylight…

Log jam on the French Broad

logjamThere’s a massive log jam on the French Broad. It’s expected to break, sending a wall of water down the river. If you are heading to the FB today, rethink your plans!

ABC 13 News Video: Massive log jam on the French Broad River

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