Do you know Juliet Kastorff?

If you are a paddler in the Southeast, you have probably seen Juliet around a river instructing or setting shuttle, recognizable in her signature white sunglasses and flipflops. As co-owner of Endless River Adventures on the Nantahala River, she has gained a reputation as an excellent instructor and international kayak guide. Juliet has done so much for the sport of paddling and river conservation, so I’m pleased to share more about her with you!

What is your nickname(s)? And how did you get it?
In Costa Rica and Ecuador, I get called “macha” a lot because of being blond, a kayaker, and female.

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Do you know Leland Davis?

Leland and Andria Davis’ guide book North Carolina Rivers & Creeks is mandatory gear for every Southeast paddler. Their more recent guidebook, The River Gypsies Guide to North America, is indispensable if you are road tripping across the country and looking for paddling adventures. When Leland and his wife/co-author/business partner Andria aren’t writing guidebooks, they also do private kayak instruction and adventure travel. And you can sometimes spot them guiding rafts down a river.

How many years have you been boating and how did you get started?

My first hard boating experience was on the Lower Green in 1982 with a summer camp, but I didn’t really get into it until I joined an outdoor program in high school in 1986.


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Have you met “Crazy Pete”?

A Nantahala Fixture: "Crazy Pete"

Pete Lucic, aka “Crazy Pete,” is a long-time fixture around the Nantahala. A graphic designer and part-time NOC employee, Pete can usually be seen running the river, mountain biking, or taking photographs of his friends styling the Nanty Wave.

How did you get your nickname?
I suppose that came from the days when I used to move rocks down at the wave at 6am. People would see me down there and be like “What is he doing?” “Oh, that’s ‘Crazy Pete’ fixing the wave” (or screwing it up sometimes!). It may also be from back when I was squirt boating the Upper Gauley, I think that’s kinda crazy too.

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