Eternity Throwndown #1 Results: Paddle til the water turns off !

Despite a change in the release schedule the first throwdown of the season at Eternity Hole was a great success.

We had 10 competitors all just throwing their best tricks. It was a loop to win kind of day, seeing big loops, McNastys, and space godzillas til the water was all gone.


1. Devon
2. Sierra

K1 A
2. Brad
3. Matt R
4. Alec V
5. Paul B
6. Paul P
7. Ty
8. Mike

2. Courtney

Thanks to everyone for coming out, next event is on April 20th and depending on the release will be at Eternity Hole again or the NOC wave. We will keep you posted.

Thanks to all our great sponsors for coming through with some great prizes keeping fun. See below for some great pics.

For more photos go to

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