Jackson Hole Rivers

Gros Ventre River Slide Lake to the Park Boundary
Season: Runoff – May to late July Class: III+/IV- @ 0-4ft. IV above 4ft. Gauge: Slide Lake Outlet or Zenith Length: 3 miles Shuttle: 3 miles – easy to run or bike.

Description: Flowing from the calm waters of Slide Lake the Gros Ventre River tumbles down to the valley floor through debris deposited from the Gros Ventre Slide. This geologically young section of river has beautiful scenery and is full of sharp rocks. At lower levels it offers great technical Class III boulder dodging and eddy hopping. When the water is high it offers stomping big water, Class IV boating. At levels of four feet and above good eddies are hard to come by – hang on and enjoy the ride. View the river on the drive up from a paved turn out about a mile before the put-in.

Directions: Drive north from Jackson on Hwy 191/89. Shortly after you cross the Gros Ventre River, turn right at the junction towards Kelly. Follow this road northeast past the Gros Ventre Campground and the town of Kelly where the road turns left. Drive north another mile and turn right on a paved road toward Kelly Warm Springs and Atherton Creek campground. Follow this road east about two miles until you reach the Gros Ventre River at the Forest/Park Boundary. This is the take-out. Continue up river two and a half miles to Taylor Ranch Road Follow this dirt road to the river and put-in. Please be considerate of landowners. Do not block any drives or cross private land.

Hoback River, Granite Creek to the Snake River
Season: April to August Class: II+/III- at lower water III at high water Gauge: None Length: 12 miles (shorter & longer runs possible) Shuttle: 12 miles – not easy to find rides

Description: The Hoback River flows alongside Hwy 191 through beautiful Hoback Canyon. It has sections of swift moving flat water as well as many rapids with plentiful eddies. There are also good surf waves and play spots. Paddlers should be wary of fallen trees and pinned logs, particularly when floating under several small bridges that span the river. For a shorter run, start at Stinking Springs or No Name Campground. For a longer trip put-in at Kozy Campground or Bondurant.

Directions: Drive South from Jackson on Hwy 89/191. At Hoback Jct. slow down, veer right and take your first left BEFORE crossing the Snake River. Follow this road past Hoback River Resort to the river. This is the take-out. It is also possible to paddle into the Snake River and take-out at Astoria (See South Park to Astoria). To reach the put-in, return to the highway and turn right. Head southeast on Hwy 191 about 12 miles until you reach the Granite Creek Road. Turn left and park at the confluence. Put-in on Granite Creek.

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