Valsesia River Festival 25-29 May, 2011- Italy


A White Water Kayaking Festival for all, the Valsesia River Festival, has races, guided descents, clinics, films & more

After years of going to Valsesia, introducing paddlers from all over the world to the steep creeking delights of this prefect slice of Piemonte in Italy, Gene17kayaking will host a completely new white water paddling festival. This 25/29th May 2011 will be the first Valsesia River Festival, situated at the Campsite of il Gatto & la Volpe in Campertogno.

White Water Kayaking is full of choice, and at this festival you’ll have lots to choose from. The Valsesia River Festival is for all White Water Paddlers, with open races with competitive classes, accessible Steep Creeking ClinicsPhotoVideo Clinics too, and to top it all off, some great evening entertainment.

We plan to have the leading lights of the kayaking industry to guide, coach and inspire paddlers, along with leading kayaking brands and a retail presence

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