Eugene Rivers

Siletz River, Moonshine Park to Logsdon Bridge
Class I/II. A great beginner run that runs fall to spring. Optimum flows: 400 to 2000 CFS

This stretch of the Siletz is an inner-tube favorite in the summer. During fall through spring, when the flows are higher, it offers picturesque coastal range scenery to kayakers. Large, deep pools are interspersed with some fast moving water with riffles and small waves. At higher flows (1500 cfs or more), one noteworthy rapid is located towards the west end of Moonshine Park. On approach to the rapid, there’ll be a large waterfall on river right and a retentive hole occurs on river left. It’s a great play-spot for playboaters, but should be avoided by beginner kayaker and canoeists.

Put in: Moonshine Country Park. There is boat ramp access here.

Take out: Logsdon Country Store. The owners of the Store are fairly relaxed about leaving a shuttle rig at the store, but be sure to ask permission. A highway bridge indicates the take out. Stay river right and eddy out immediately on the right before the bridge. Climb the hill to the takeout.

Flows: 400 to 2000 CFS

Hazzards: Be wary of trees and fishermen

Distance: 3.5 miles
Canoe Canal, Alton Baker Park, Play @ 24/7
Great playboating beginner spot; learn to cartwheel here. Must have a solid roll.

On the North side of Alton Baker Park, running parallel to the Wilammette River is the Canoe Canal. About 1 mile down stream of the intake of the canal is a playspot called 24/7. It offers a place for beginner playboaters (but experienced kayakers) to learn to cartwheel left and right and maybe throw in a loop (if levels are correct).

Put in/ take out: Take W. Centenital Blvd to Aspen st. Take the road all the way to the end and park at the boat ramp. Hike your boat about a mile down stream until you get to the I-5 bridge. Put in on the Canoe Canal. Practice your cartwheels to your hearts content

Flows: 24/7 is “in” almost all year, though optimum flows are usually in the summer months.

Hazzards: Depth- this area is not very deep. Be sure to check depth before commencing play. Water quality- be sure to wear nose and ear plugs.

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