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live2kayakCome show your support for a white water park in Eugene!

Hey, I wanted to start getting the word out to folks that are interested in seeing a whitewater park in Eugene, or have other ideas for improving safety and recreation along the Willamette River near Eugene. There will be a public workshop (flyer attached) hosted by EWEB, LCOG, McKenzie WC, Cities of Eugene and Springfield and others. The purpose is to gauge public interests, priorities and ideas that will be used to guide projects along the Willamette River corridor over the coming years. The main topics that they are looking at are recreation, habitat, safety, and visual/scenic qualities.

P-L-E-A-S-E come and provide your input to this critical guiding process. A strong showing of paddlers will have a significant influence in guiding future projects. This is a unique opportunity to elevate the whitewater park to high visibility (and even high-priority) status, as well as provide our perspective on how the Willamette could be improved for safety, access, habitat etc…

Elements of the WW park are now in the Eugene Parks planning documents, and this workshop will give further strength and support for the project, as well as looking at other opportunities upstream and downstream.

Also, please spread the word out to the paddling community. I haven’t posted this yet, so feel free…

(And, I’m not asking people to wear their helmets and PFD’s this time, necessarily)

“The world is run by those who show-up!”


June 9th

EWEB Training Center (500 East 4th Avenue in Eugene)

6 – 8 pm

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