Your Eastern PA Ambassador, Joe Potoczak

lehighambassadorshotWhen I was twelve, I saw whitewater kayakers for the first time while on a rafting trip. I knew then that I wanted to get into Whitewater kayaking, but it wasn’t until I was sixteen that I had my first whitewater boat. Up until that point my paddling experience was mostly canoeing and using a sit-on-top kayak in my hometown of Toms River, NJ. Borrowing a few books from the Library I studied up and spent a few days in April on a cold pond learning to roll. That summer of 2002, I started as a safety boater for Whitewater Challengers on the Lehigh in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I have been employed with them ever since.

Along the way, I have traveled across the country in search of rivers to run and waves to surf. I also do enjoy all the different types of competitions that are out there. I do have a very competitive personality, but always have fun no matter how big or small the run. It’s hard to say which rivers are my favorites, but I definitely consider The Green Narrows, Oh Be Joyful, the Ottawa, and the Upper Yough as making that list.

Teaching is another aspect of the sport that I enjoy very much. It is very rewarding to help others accomplish new skills and to assist them in over coming obstacles. The sport is always evolving and there is constantly room for improvements, which is why I find it fascinating. There is no better place to be than playing on the water, and I look forward to much more of it.

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June 22nd, 2018

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