Your Durango Ambassador

  Hello world, my name is Drew, and I am proud to represent my paddling region and stoked to keep World Kayak updated for Durango, Colorado.   I have always been passionate about the outdoors and all it has to offer. Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, I learned to ski, hike, bike, and of course float down a river.  Water, in particular whitewater, has always been a thing I have had some fear and therefore the greatest respect for, yet I have always been intrigued by the idea of floating on mother natures water slides.
  After graduating college in NC, I moved to Colorado in 2003 to be a part of the ski and snowboard industry.  When spring came it seemed only natural for me to continue riding the snow as it melted away to flow in the river.  I became a certified Colorado raft guide and I was hooked on running rivers !! It was only a short time before I had a good friend of mine, fellow guide, and kayak instructor, teaching me the basics in a plastic boat. I was a mess, totally out of control for about the first 500 times or so that I was in a kayak especially when I found myself upside down. . Then I started dating a lovely woman (now Mrs Fischer) who schooled me, quite literally, in the ways of a 100% eskimo roll. Together we have progressed and traveled to many rivers and there is no doubt that kayaking has and will continue to greatly enrich our lives.  Now, as a full time instructor on the snow and water, It is my goal to share how wonderful the seasons are here in the southern Rockies and to help as many people progress safely in the sports that allow us to enjoy them so much.


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