The Dynamic Duo is a BLAST!

If you have not yet tried one of these wonderful crafts I would highly encourage the experience. You would not think by the sheer weight of this beast out of the water, that it would turn on a dime, accelerate with ease, and plug through the meanest of holes no problem, but it does.  This craft would give me the confidence to take even the freshest paddler down the river with ease.  What a cool concept to be able to introduce the sport of kayaking to somebody with NO prior whitewater knowledge.  If you do happen to have a team of qualified, competent, boaters in this thing be ready to have your imagination wonder with the next mission to be accomplished. Check out some of these successful descents with this fantastic piece of equipment; on the Little White Salmon in Washington State and Metlako Falls in Oregon, among others.  So, when are you gonna give er with your buddies, or just show someone you love what it feels like to get flowin with the river?

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