About Durango

The whitewater in and surrounding the Durango area is considered some of the best in Colorado.  Cool, clean and crisp water flows from the San Juans in the spring and fills our rivers and creeks for an always enjoyable, and guaranteed season.  Some years flows on a few of our favorite runs can last well into the fall and then spike back up to spring levels with rain in the mountains.  The community of boaters here love their lifestyle on the water and always welcome new paddlers to experience what makes this place so special.  Something about the combination of cool water flowing from the tallest peaks and the heat from the Southwest Sun makes boating here an experience most will come back for again and again.

    The beauty of the area is undeniable, and this becomes even more deeply apparent in the canyons of our rivers and creeks.  Polished granite, abundant wildlife, and magnificent waterfalls are just some of the guaranteed eye candy on most floats. The difficulty level of the rivers and creeks here ranges from multiple meandering class one to three sections and on up the classification scale to the steepest of unexplored descents, we really have it all.

     When it comes to drying off and heading out on the town here in Durango, there is no shortage of things to do.  With multiple popular breweries, great restaurants, and local hot springs, as well as the entertaining atmosphere of a college town, this is a great place to visit or live as a kayaker.

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