The Valley Mill August MD Chute Out: “Do it for the Love!”

The August MD Chute out usually has a few things you can count on;

1) low water levels

2) heat and humidity

3) low attendance

This August Chute Out would have one out of three, but a great crowd showed up, with 18 competitors and we had great weather for the end of summer. We had full classes in just about every category; Juniors, K1A, K1B, C1, with the exception of K1w.

With the level being just under 2.9ft, the only play spot would be the good ol’ MD Chute. The spot would be on the very low side of good, but even with it not being “ideal” by any means, there were some impressive moves being thrown nonetheless. Local paddler Jordan Poffenberger (current National and World Champion in C1 managed to get some sweet McNasties out of the feature)

We had a big B-class with six competitors who were also throwin down some nice cartwheels and even going for loops on occasion. The rock was definitely in play, however, so once in a while a nice THUMP would be heard when someone was too far left with that cartwheel or loop, and a chuckle would be heard from the crowd.

In the junior class we had Maddie Kimmel, Tom Dolan, and Kaelin Friedenson. These kids were impressive! Kailin’s score would’ve placed him in 3rd in the men’s B class!

The format called for three 30 second rides, with your two best counting. You could paddle back in if you happened to flush (and everyone did) and you could even enter back in for one last move, after you time expired, so you could just “Do it for the loooove” (and everyone did!)

K1 Jr

1st-Kaelin Friedenson 58pts

2nd Tom Dolan 20pts

Maddie Kimmel 16pts

Maddie and Kaelin having fun at the Chute Out










Next up would be the women’s class which had two competitors.

1st- Tracey Currier 19pts

2nd- Desiree Porter (her first Chute Out)

The B class was hotly contested, with six competitors

1st- Chris Hren 69 pts

2nd- Taylor Kash 61 pts

3rd- Adam Carson 54 pts

4th- Keith “Kombat” Kimmel 20 pts

5th- Jono Sirovatka 17 pts

6th- Joe Scoresby 7 pts

C1 class had three competitors

1st- Jordan Poffenberger 199 pts (highest score of the competition)

2nd- David Goodwin 28 pts

3rd- Ned Poffenberger 17 pts

K1A class would feature 4 competitors

1st- Matt Springer (coach of Valley Mill’s Chute Out Training Freestyle lessons) 161 pts

2nd- Jim Buley 110 pts

3rd- Tyler Uthus 55 pts

4th- Eric Bailey 20 pts

Everyone had a blast. Everyone won something in the raffle that followed the competition, which was awesome! Thanks to our sponsors who provided the sweet prizes that were raffled off; Jackson Kayak, World Kayak, Shred Ready, Astral, Immersion Research, Kokatat, Mountain Khakis, Rapid Transit, Valley Mill Boats, Stoneyboater, GoPro, Smith Optics, and Ninkasi Brewing.

See you at the next Valley Mill MD Chute Out on Thursday Sept. 25th ! And Do it for the LOVE !


A nice crowd for the Aug MD Chute Out

James in the 2015 Fun with Kaelin waiting for his turn

WK's James Sneeringer paddling the new Jackson 2015 FUN

C1'er David Goodwin rippin it up as usual

Taylor Kash, Kashin in at the Chute Out

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