May MD Chute Out and Winning?

We had fantastic weather for the DC area’s second MD Chute Out of the season, and a great crowd showed up for the event with a total of 17 competitors in attendance. We had some spectators,  some folks who just came out to enjoy an evening surf session at Offutt Island wave, and even a celebrity sighting! More on that later….

Offutt, for those who don’t know, is located downstream of the normal put in at Anglers. To get to the spot all you do is just stay to your left as you paddle down from Anglers and you’ll come to a small wave train that has a set of surfable waves, and is in play from 4.2-5.4 feet on the Little Falls gauge. The level for the competition was 4.9ft, so it was still possible to get vertical moves, including loops, on all three waves.

While we were getting ready for the event, and setting up our judges, etc., I heard a commotion and looked to see what was all the fuss about, and low and behold, who do I see but a famous person, who we’ll just call Charlie S. for now, fresh off his “Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour”. I am pretty sure he is the bama who stole my camera when I wasn’t looking…I’m 99.99% sure it was him, and when I get proof positive, I’ll be sending his butt back to Hollywood, and we’ll see who’s winning then smart guy! But for now, sorry, no pics or video of the event.

Some of the positive highlights of the event were;  Danny Stock’s epic performance in K1A, sticking HUGE loops on all three waves on one of his rides in the Jackson Rock Star, and  Jordan Poffenburger and Seth Chapelle’s battle in C1 as they both prepare for the World Freestyle Championships in Germany next month.  Jordan and Seth both showed why they are going to represent the US well over there, with very impressive rides on a very touchy-feely playspot, that is, how shall we say, less than epic.

I’ll be posting the final scores very soon, but right now I have to go have a little talk with an unemployed celebrity….

Here are the results and scores from the May Chute Out=


1st- Seth Chapelle  (164 points)

2nd- Jordan Poffenberger  (104 points)

3rd- Ned Poffenberger  (21 points)


1st- Shelby Stine  (21 points)

2nd- Sarah Hammond  (13 points)

3rd- Maria Stine  (8 points)


1st- Danny Kauffman  (92 points)

2nd- Ocoee Chapelle  (22 points)


1st- Danny Stock  (110 points)

2nd- Jim Buley  (89 points)

3rd- Garrett Boop  (44 points)

4th- Jack Hill  (37 points)


1st- Sean Chapelle  (25 points)

2nd- Pat Powell  (24 points)

3rd- Josh Kauffman  (11 points)

4th- Howard Moreland  (9 points)

5th- Rick Cohen  (7 points)

See you June 30th for the June Chute Out!

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August 30th, 2014

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