First MD Chute Out of 2011 is in the books!

After a couple postponements, we were finally able to conduct the first Maryland Chute Out of 2011 on Thursday May 12th. This would be the April Chute Out that was cancelled due to Center Chute being washed out from a quick spike of the Potomac from all the recent rain we’ve been getting (it’s been an epic spring  so far, as far as water levels are concerned).

The turnout was pretty good, considering the prior two postponements, and we had a dozen folks ready to throwdown at the Upper Center Chute Ledge, in what was turning out to be a beautiful late afternoon weather- wise. The river level was a little over 4.1ft on the Little Falls gauge, so competitors had to be wary on their loop attempts, for fear of a foot-crushing impact with the rock that lurks (James Sneeringer can attest to this fact, as he once broke his foot impacting this vary same rock formation). As long as you didn’t plug too hard, loops were there to be had, as well as just about any other hole move you could muster.

There was a good sized B- class, but only three of us in A-class. I was lucky enough to mix up a little variety in my rides, and since we were being scored on both variety and technical, this would help me earn first place over Danny Kauffman(2nd in A class, first in Junior class I believe) and Jack Hill (in 3rd place, but Jack gets first place in the “longest journey to get to the Maryland Chute Out”, with a two hour drive from PA. )Thanks for making the drive Jack, and representing  “Team 717″!  I must add, that it also helped that I was paddling the new Jackson Rock Star(Lg.) with the shorter bow from it’s predecessor, the 2010 Super Star, which really helps in shallower playspots like Upper Center Chute. My feet are still intact, as I only just barely grazed the rock on only a couple occasions while looping.

Look for a complete posting of all the final scores of this event coming soon, and be sure to mark your calenders for the next Maryland Chute Out to be held on Thursday May 26th here on the Potomac. We’ll be posting on the Monocacy Canoe Club and Boatertalk message boards with details on where the event will take place on the river,  so stay tuned.

Thanks to all our sponsors who donate fantastic prizes for the raffle that takes place after every Chute Out. They include awesome prizes from Jackson Kayak, Shred Ready, Mountain Khakis, Smith Optics, Immersion Research, Rapidtransit, Astral, Kokatat, Chaco, Stoneyboater Paddle Wax.

The Maryland Chute Out is a free, fun, community event that is open to everyone of all skill levels. The Maryland Chute Out is a Valley Mill Kayak School event. See you on May 26th!

Happy Paddling!

Jim Buley

We have the scores from MD Chute Out #1 folks!

Here ya go=

Men’s K1-A

1st- Jim Buley 198 pts

2nd- Jack Hill 114 pts

3rd- Danny Kauffman 136 pts

4th- Chris Glazner 40 pts


1st- Jimmy Ellis 17 pts

2nd- Howard Moreland 6 pts

3rd- Joe Grenon (his first chute out!) 5 pts

4th- Darren Verploegen (his first chute out!) 2 pts


Ned Poffenberger 12 pts


1st- Danny Kauffman 136 pts

2nd- Josh Ellis 33 pts

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