Costa Rica Rivers

Sarapiqui River

Originating on the Deception Depression between the Poás and Barba volcanoes, the crystaline Sarapiqui River runs for 85 Kms (53 Miles) to the San Juan River, border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, surrounded by lush rainforest, green pastures and farmland and home to an impressive array of biodiversity inluding monkeys, sloths, river otters, turtles, crocodiles, iguanas, toucans, birds, among other incredible wildlife, in one of the most biologically rich areas in Costa Rica.


It is used for year round rafting and kayaking, with every range of difficulty in three different sections. The three sections run from 1200 ft of altitude and a flow volume of around 1,300 ft3/second with difficulty of class IV and V to a final altitude of 100 ft and a flow rate of 5,000 ft3/second and difficulty of class I.


Rio Sarapiqui

The Pacuare River


Pacuare River

The Pacuare River, or the Río Pacuare, has its source in the Cordillera de Talamanca and flows approximately 108 km to the Caribbean. It is a popular location for white water rafting, whitewater kayaking and riverboarding and is surrounded by rainforests and canyons.

The Pacuare River is divided into approximately sixteen sections. Starting from the top the three commonly run sections are known as The Upper Upper, The Upper and The Lower.

Rio Pacuare

The Upper Upper Section, approximately 16 miles (26 km) long and contains numerous class II and III rapids. The Upper Section, more technical section consists of approximately ten miles of whitewater including multiple class IV and V rapids as well as waterfalls. And the Lower Section, class III and IV whitewater that the Pacuare River is most known for. Flowing approximately 23 miles (and dropping approximately 1200 feet) from Finca La Cruz to the town of Siquirres.


Savegre River


The Savegre River is renown for its clear and refreshingly clean mountain waters and considered the most pristine river in Costa Rica.  Nestled in the mountains in between Playa Dominical and Manuel Antonio the Rio Savegre delivers fun, thrilling class III rapids as it makes way to the pacific ocean.


El Toro River

El Toro River

Rio Sucio

Cataratas Pozo Azul


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