Paint Creek Race is ON : Saturday March 10

Strap on your elbow pads and get ready for the 1st ever race on Paint Creek in Johnstown PA. We got some rain on Thursday night which brought the river up to the lower levels but good enough for the race course. Race will be time trial with 2 runs per racer with the best time being counted towards fame and glory. The course will start in the eddy above Big Falls Rapid , down through Big Sluice ( pictured above ) , continue through Mama’s Crack followed by some class 3 boogie water to the finish at the gravel beach on the river left side once you finish Road Hole rapid. From here paddlers can run through another small rapid and take out on river left for a short 10 minute hike back up to the top of the course. There will be plenty of water in the race course section of Paint.

Registration will begin at 10:30 race begins at 12:00 sharp.

I will be posting pics of the entire course on here later today but needed to get this announcement out early.

While the level will be low it will have at least as much water as shown in the picture above. So come out and support this new event. The better the participation the more money for prizes and future events we’ll be able to generate. This is the first year for this series which will be an annual event moving forward.

Any questions hit me up.


or four one two – six one zero – two three zero three

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