Your Charlotte Ambassador:Ericka Heath

Hello. My name is Ericka and I am a whitewater addict. I do not wish to seek help for my addiction. I wish to continue on this path of white water exploration and skill challenges. I wish to recruit others to experience the same rush I gain when working through the puzzles our great rivers present.


I am a graduate of Mountain State University (M.S. Strategic Leadership), Appalachian State University (B.S. Music), and Western Piedmont Community College (A.A. Liberal Arts). I am very passionate about whitewater kayaking and the various phenomenon that surrounds the development of interest in the sport. One component of my mission is to remove barriers and stereotypes associated with whitewater kayaking. This begins with researching demographic information about my assigned area–Charlotte and surrounding communities. In other words, what attracts people to whitewater sports? My first boat purchase was a Perception Prodigy 10, bright red. I was so proud of that boat. Eventually, I got a little more adventurous and purchased a Liquid Logic Remix XP 10. This boat got to see some bigger water from multiple runs on the Nantahala River to big surf on Florida’s coasts. I have graduated to full on creek boats now.


Boats: 2013 Jackson Karma M

At present, I am a police sergeant who also works part-time at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC. There I work as a raft guide, flatwater kayak guide, war canoe guide, and ACA Level 1 SUP instructor. Besides kayaking, I’m totally into mountain biking, SUP boarding, rock climbing, backpacking, spending time with my insane dogs, and friggin’ OREO cookies!! I am super stoked about connecting with the community.

Hit me up on any of my social hangouts. We can paddle, MTB, SUP, hike, camp, climb, chill and eat Oreos!

Respectfully submitted,

“Don’t wait on everyone else to get outdoors. Go Solo.”

~Ericka Heath

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June 20th, 2018

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