My 3 Favorite Core Strengthening Exercises

Your core is the “core” of any basic paddling concept.  Instructors will quickly tell you your paddling strength comes from your gut and butt.

Boating is NOT about how bulky your biceps are or how much you can bench press. If that is your mentality, I promise you you will be shamed by the most wiry individual with pipe cleaner arms!

Not saying upper body strength is not important, but paddling strength is NOT about this dude….




In other words, it is super important to focus your workouts on your Obliques, Rectus Abdominus, Transverse Abdominus, Serratus Anterior, and the Glutemus Maximus (aka ASS). In my opinion, I think our core is the most neglected group set, yet it is the most important muscle group set for maximum performance in everything we do.Your core muscles serve as stabilizers. They help keep you upright as you walk and run.

{Enter tangent: I wonder if the core muscles are what developed first during the human evolutionary process. The illustration below summarizes the image that randomly popped into my head.}

Sorry about that. Occasionally, my mind wonders off into the Twilight Zone. My humblest apologies. So where were we? Oh yes, the importance of strengthening your core. Your core helps you balance a bicycle or that ever so tiny foothold as you teeter precariously on the side of a rock face. Therefore, one could reasonably assume the body’s core muscle system is the foundation for which balance flourishes. All too often, we often think about balance and stability from the psychological standpoint. If the nomenclature feels misplaced when referring to paddling. I assure you it is not.

Understand, I am a female gear head. However, exercise equipment has NEVER made my list of  garage or basement collectibles. Keeping it simple and basic, I focus on 3 exercises that meet my core workout needs. No one says you have to be in a gym to do these. If you can take breaks throughout your work day, bust out with a few crunches or planks.

Core muscle group set


1. Crunches



2. Horizontal Planks




3. Side Planks


Be creative. Think outside of the box.

Safe boating.

~Ericka Heath~

SgtRiverRat (Outdoor Solo)

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May 24th, 2018

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