Local Paddling Locations

Hwy # 7 Rivers

The Hwy # 7 rivers are not just one river, but a series of rivers that run perpendicular to the Trans-Canada Highway.   The rivers are located between the city of Peterborough and town of Kaladar and include such classics as Beaver Creek, Black River, Moria River, Crowe River, Salmon River and Skootamatta River.  All these river have some great paddling to offer through the spring months, some even well into summer.  The Salmon and Moria are shorter runs and are often beginner and novice paddlers first spring runs in the area.  They do however offer the odd challenging class three for those looking for some excitement.  Beaver, Black and Skootamatta offer a more challenging day with solid class 3 and 4 rapids scattered along there routes.  The Crowe River, more well know for its exemplary park and play spots also has a section of class 5 rapids that would challenge even the most seasoned boater.  Scattered throughout the area as well is a assortment of beginner to advanced play spots that come and go with changing of the water levels.  Check out the local festival in the spring for more information www.mackfest.ca

Gull River

Located approximately an hour north of Peterborough just outside the town of Minden this river is a hub of whitewater activity.  Originally just a spillway from one lake to another it was transformed years ago through Whitewater Ontario, a provincal organization, into a usable stretch of whitewater that has constant flows throughout the year.  It is a short section of whitewater that allows for easy park and paddle access.  The top section is considerably steeper then the bottom offering challenging lines and playspots.  The gradient on the bottom half is much more sutiable for those wanting to practice ferrying and eddy turns.  Although beaware that the Gull can still pack a pretty punch as it is shallow and contiuos aside from the bottom the river can be daunting for new paddlers.  Go there on any weekend throughout the summer and you will likely find numerous paddlers on the river.  And don’t forget about the beautiful camping on the river left side.

Burleigh Falls

Burleigh Falls is not a well known location for paddling.  It is located along Hwy # 28 30 minuets north of Peterborough.  Paddlers have been paddling here for years due to its close proximity to Peterborough, the ability to park and paddle and the fact that there is usually always water flowing through the dam.  Burleigh Falls is part of the Trent Severn Waterway and is the dam and subsequent rapids that follow.  Over the year this stretch of whitewater can be a big water challenging class 4 to a low volume easy class 2.  There is really something for everyone.  Local paddling club Kawartha Whitewater Paddlers use this stretch of whitewater continuously throughout the year due to it close proximity to club members, the availability of water and the fact that we live on the banks of the river.  The withwater offers several different lines and features that making paddling Burleigh Falls interesting and different throughout the season.

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