A Big Playwave? At Burleigh Falls? KWP Fun Run Report, WE 2

Team Mycroft captured 1st place in the Beachball Boatercross during Week 2

Zack's a-chillin' on Phantom Wave at Burleigh Falls

For the second week in a row we were treated to excellent water at Burleigh Falls for last night’s Fun Run. Of particular note was a FANTASTIC play wave that formed in the washout of the dam. Not simple to get on but far from impossible and many KWPer’s enjoyed the kind of surf that is virtually unheard of at Burleigh Falls. No one has even talked about paddling Perry’s Creek yet this year, last summer’s staple run at Fun Run due to low water on the main channel. Let’s hope the water keeps holding!

Last night was the first official competition of the Fun Run Series as last week’s had to be cancelled due to lightening. The mother-daughter power combo of Colleen and Haley combined skill and lucky bounces to pull off a first place finish in the beach ball chase, a sure fire carnage generator and perennial favorite Fun Run event. Teams of two compete to complete a downriver course featuring a few obsticles and a smallish, yet trashy waterfall at the end. Object is for both paddlers to get to the bottom, with their ball, upright and together. General boatercross rules apply! Props go to KWP newbie Meredith, for not only running the bottom falls for the first time in threatening water but for taking part in the event and pulling off second place with three time Fun Run champion teammate Zack Fiddis, a KWP veteran currently on the mend.

Also spotted last night at Burleigh Falls….the big Green Machine, the privately owned but semi-official KWP raft. It didn’t blow out, the crew was solid, and the dam was run at least twice. Good times, and it was all followed up by perfectly simmered pulled pork and prizes generously donated by World Kayak.

Thanks to all who came out….next Fun Run Thursday, July 3rd, 6:00PM!

Rick showing his stuff at the Ottawa….I mean, BURLEIGH FALLS!!!


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June 20th, 2018

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