KWP Fun Run Week 5: Beach Balls, Trash Talk & Fajitas!

Seal launch from the wall, KWP style!

With over half of the 2013 KWP Fun Run Series complete, Tom Legere continues to cling to a slim first place lead. While critics have pointed out his leader position may owe more to a solid attendance record rather than superior skills, first place is first place. The target on his back will only get bigger as the pile of sour grapes grows larger.

Last week’s event was the popular Beach Ball Boatercross. All participants paddle off in a mass start, object being to navigate the river dodging obstacles, run the drop, and pass a checkpoint with your ball. No hands allowed but knocking competitors balls off course and generally tormenting them by whatever means possible is encouraged. The first two boaters over the drop, Zack and Tony, looked to have a lock on those positions for big
points but didn’t count on a sticky eddy holding their balls hostage above the
finish line. While others locked in their finish positions, they had to fight
to get back upstream and into the eddy to liberate their beach balls. Leader
Tom took a big hit as well, finishing well down the list as a result of his
ball getting stuck in the sticky eddy after a decent start. Top finishers were
relative newcomers Cam and Trevor, followed by Rick. Nice work! 15 paddlers of
all abilities took place in the event, having what looked to be a great time.


A great level on the far left channel at Burleigh Falls!

On the instruction side of things, many of our newest paddlers were eager to start working on their rolls and instructors were happy to help out. Kudos to one new young
paddler Riley, on the cool she showed while running the river with a couple of
instructors. Most impressive was the “grace under pressure” she showed in
taking the time to set up for her roll, her multiple attempts at successful
rolls and patience shown while waiting for a T-rescue. Pulling her shirt at the
first sign of trouble doesn’t seem to be part of her game plan – awesome stuff

Thanks to Manny & Brett for stepping up and serving up a tasty spread of fajitas with all the fixings. MUCH appreciated! Week 6’s meal may actually have an impact on overall
standings, as series leader Tom is cooking. Will he tackle the event as well,
seeking big points, or lay back in the weeds and collect the 5 points
automatically awarded to cooks who opt to spend more time over the grill than
on the river? Stay tuned….the drama is JUST TOO MUCH TO TAKE!!!!!

Thanks as well to Zack for the great pictures…..current Fun Run standings below:


Run standings, end of Week 5 2013
Tom 20
Zack 18
Trevor 17
Cam 13
Todd A. 12
Terry 12
Colin 12
Rob C. 11
Hayle 10
Cale 10
Sue 8
Stephanie R 8
Mark 8
Tony 7
Natt 7
Kamilla 7
Chris 7
Spinner Dave 6
Rob K 6
Earl 6
Dean 6
Bruce 6
Riley 5
Colleen 5
Big Brian 5
Manny 5
Rick 5
Pattie 4
Emily 4
Doug 4
Marcie 3
Jacob S 3
Derek 3
Darryl 3
Daniel 3
Sam Q 2
Ryan 2
Leah 2
Laura 2
Kees 2
Celena 2
Brett 2
Nora 1
Malcolm 1
Pete 1

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