Ambassador Kyle Katich


My name is Kyle Katich and I love the southeastern rivers.  I’ve been In Alabama over 20 years and nothing beats seeing the Alabama landscape and wildlife from the water’s edge.

My good friend Ron introduced me to the rivers as we started canoeing.  I have camped many times on the banks of the rivers and loved to fish along the way.  I started kayaking about 4 years ago and unfortunately my canoe sits and rarely gets used due to the thrill of playboating.  But I will never forget the days with a canoe packed with all our camping gear and a big dog.

Since kayaking I have purchased many boats that accommodate my whole family’s interest.  From sit-on-tops to playboats, my family enjoys the southeastern rivers and spending time together.

My son Hunter is an exceptional kayaker and loves to compete.  I kayak because of him and how it brings us close together.  I enjoy supporting and watching him as he is quite an accomplished trickster in the waves.

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June 22nd, 2018

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