Regional Runs

The Slocan River

A instant classic and one of the best rivers to learn on. The rapids are progressive and pool drop style with great surf waves along the way. Unlike most BC rivers, the Slocan actually warms up in the summer months. During spring high levels 5.0 wave is a great place to refine your surfing skills. Thirsty paddlers will even paddle the river low in the winter months.

The upper Slocan is a great place to spend the day just floating and enjoying the scenery and the lower offers 5km of rapids and surf waves.

Koch Creek

Koch Creek is one of the more intense creeks that is often done as an after work run. Koch, pronounced KOE, starts of with a blast as Grizzly creek adds substantial flow to it. The run mellows out and offers opportunity to warm up for a few excellent drops before the crux of Koch. Always a great idea to scout the crux as the drop is quite technical followed by a mile of continuous heavy boulder gardens. Be on the look out for mountain sheep that enjoy the salt licks along the run.

The Mighty Salmo

The lower Salmo Canyon runs May/June and most Kootenay paddlers do not miss out on the opportunity to run this one. Although the remoteness of the river makes it more of a class IV+ run as opposed to a class III/IV, the Salmo is straight forward if scouted properly. A great run to hit up in the early season and warm up for the creeking season. The Salmo starts out continues boulder gardens before the river takes a big bend to the right and the river livens up with large holes, wave trains and river wide ledges. The whole run ends up in a large reservoir of the Pend d’Orille.

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