Brilliant Wave Hometown Throwdown- A success!

On Sunday April 14h over 20 kayakers and spectators attended the areas first World Kayak HomeTown Throwdown of the season on Brilliant Wave in Castlegar BC.  With a surprise blizzard on Saturday morning and similar forecast for Sunday, organizers were sceptical there would be a good turn out.  An hour before the event  the sun can out in full force making the event even more enjoyable for paddlers and spectators.

c lick here for RESULTS!

Paddlers from as far as the deserts of Vernon and rocky landscape of Newfoundland came out to shed the dust off their playboats and dazzle onlookers.  Clean blunts, entry moves, loops, and paddle twirls were going on like donkey kong on the area’s

famed Brilliant wave.  The feature was a relatively fast hole with surf able shoulders on the right and left allowing paddlers to set up and execute tricks

Out of the woodwork paddled up mid nineties pro boaters Brandon Knapp and Jamie Simon certainly

not missing a step on the feature. Local paddler Mike Grant showed up competitors with a solid variety of difficult tricks and fancy entry moves.  Big shout out to Lori-ann and Nick K for supplying video and photo coverage.  Stay tuned for a video of the day still on the cutting table.


















Thanks to all that attended.  Next HTTD in the area will be June 23 after the West Kootenay Whitewater Festival.


Stay tuned for video and results.




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