World Kayak Slalom Survivor Fun on the Chattahoochee (Metro) River


It was a beautiful Saturday morning for December. 16 people showed up at the Metro Hooch to have fun on the river playing a fun game created by Joe Jacobi called Slalom Survivor.

Slalom Survivor is a game that everyone can play no matter what type of boat you paddle. No Slalom boat is required.

The Metro Hooch is a great place for Slalom Survivor fun. The river is packed with eddies that allows for fun and challenging lines  – while at the same time the river is fairly shallow and flow is mild.


Similar to real slalom racing the goal is to control you boat thru the course with speed and accuracy.

Instead of Gates that you typically see in slalom racing we used small buckets and clothes pins.

They goal was to get all 10 of your pins in the  10 buckets as fast as you can.

It was a lot of fun to play as well as watch.


Extra Thanks to Jimmy Jones and his daughter Megan for doing the timing for everyone.

I hope you all can make it out for some more fun times next year. It was a great season of fun for Atlanta World Kayak.

Thanks again to all the sponsors who make world kayak possible


and the winners were  - Everyone!


Bobby Molleur –  3:14.2

Jim Tebbel – 4:58.9

John Harcourt 2:53.9

Carolyn Rand 4:19.8

Anne Connolly 3:08.8

Allen Pogue 3:10.1

Erik Tillman 3:29.5

Randy Hamilton 3:03.4

Mark Mullinax 2:43.4

Chris Beck 2:55.8

Alicia Evans 5:04.0

Ryan Wheeler 4:13.3

Jimmy Jones 3:01.0

Megan Jones – Timer

Mark Holmberg – Safety

PK Richardson – Safety




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