MIT survey

2010-03-25 19:00:00 Posted by: medicladdie –

MIT turns its eyes to Kayaking. Help out by being a part of their survey

MIT is one of those schools, where, well, the students and staff tend to be on the andldquo;high side of smartandrdquo;. They are using whitewater kayaking to study andldquo;User Innovatorsandrdquo; and that is YOU! If you have ever modified a kayak, made your own hip pads (yes, you Clay), designed anything, made your own paddle, etc, etc. then take this survey. This survey isnandrsquo;t for kayak manufacturers, but paddlers who improve their boats, or gear, or make their own stuff. that is just about everyone. Who knows what theyandrsquo;ll learn from this, but certainly it is worth the time

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