Northern Patagonia, Argentina

rio azul put inKnown locally as the Comarca Andina de Paralelo 42 (42nd Parallel), our region of Northern Patagonia is defined by the Andes mountains to west, and a long steep ridge of desert mountains known as the pre-cordillera to the East. In the middle is an enormous valley that drains dozens of creeks and rivers, many of them still with pristine water (some still potable) and all of them dam-free. The rivers are characterized by an almost unreal turquoise-blue color, and there are all kinds of hydrological features, from boulder-garden style drops to steep, smooth-walled canyons.The area has a micro-climate making it very temperate for this far south and at this elevation. This means that there is essentially year-round water (snowmelt in summer, rain in winter) except for a few weeks in the Fall (Feb-Mar.)

There are a couple classic runs with relatively easy access / shuttle, including the Manso and our home run, the Rio Azul, and we run commercial trips down both. We’re still pioneering several local runs as access is often difficult (epic shuttle drives with dangerous water crossings or long wilderness hikes), but for people willing to explore / endure, there are numerous first descents and expeditions to be had here, including runs which would connect low volume creeking to bigwater canyons that eventually cross the Chilean border and drain into the Pacific Ocean.

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June 22nd, 2018

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