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Tony Palmer and the great gang down at Undercurrents Calgary have been an incredible supporting sponsor to our World Kayak Alberta events. Tony, being the regional dealer for Jackson Kayaks has worked closely with World Kayak Ambassador Eric Albert in providing awesome prizes for patrons, spectators, and volunteers of the events throughout Alberta. Tony really lead the charge in 2012 with providing great prizes for the kids boat race, and of course who could forget, the Jackson Zen 65 Draw! It set the bar high for others to follow. Thanks again Tony, we all appreciate your generosity!

Undercurrents Sponsorship 2012

Undercurrents, has always in the past years, been a great proponent of the events held in Rocky Mountain House, specifically, the Brierley’s Event. In 2012, Tony stepped it up, with support from the gang ant Scott Subaru, by providing a Jackson Kayak  Zen 65 for the Brierley’s Wold Kayak Hometown Throwdown as a draw prize. Folks were able to purchase tickets for the draw, where all funds were retained to the local Rocky Canoe Club in helping some of their initiatives.

Lacombe local Reed Dixon was the proud recipient of the Jackson Zen 65, which was karma for the young lad as he willingly gave up his prize for the kids boat race, prior to winning the boat, to a small little girl who came in last. This selfless act was a wonderful thing to see, and it warmed the hearts of all who witnessed it. Reed is now paddling his Zen, and is sure to become a very skilled boater in future years. Look for him in the eddies, he’ll be the one paddling the Zen!

Undercurrents, as preciously mentioned, provided prizes for all the kids who participated in the kids boat race. Kids had to construct their own little floating craft which was released along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Kids raced along the tall grass to see their boats cross the finish line. Prizes like paddles, snorkeling gear, and water bottles we amongst some of the schwag the kids scored. Thank you Undercurrents for the awesome contribution…but that was just the start!

Undercurrents Sponsorship 2013

Not to be undone, Undercurrents, in association with Scott Subaru from Red Deer and Subaru Calgary, has provided not one, not two…but three Jackson Kayaks for our World Kayak events for 2013! That is absolutely unheard of! Talk about raising the bar!

Tony and his gang at Undercurrents, this year, are helping to sponsor the 2013 Brierley’s Hometown Throwdown, and the 2013 Harvie Passage Hometown Throwdown. World Kayak also had initial intentions to host an event on the Elbow River as a Creekfest, however, the event has been put on hold indefinitely until officials with the Alberta Whitewater Association can evaluate the affects an event like a creekfest will have on the resident Harlequin Ducks.

None the less, for 2013, World Kayak has switched gears to help out with the Sundre Paddlefest, and host a Throwdown right at the S-Bends Rapids on the Red Deer River during the festival. at the conclusion of the festival, the third kayak will be drawn for. Sweet!

For the Harvie Passage event, which will be held at the Harvie Passage Rapids on the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta on June 23rd, Undercurrents and Subaru Calgary will be raffling off a “Fire N Ice” 2013 Jackson Kayak Allstar! Sick! Patrons will be given a single draw ticket upon registration, and volunteers will receive 5 draw tickets. Patrons, volunteers, and event spectators can purchase additional tickets for the kayak draw at 1 ticket for $5, and 5 tickets for $20. The winner must be present at the time of the draw to receive the kayak, otherwise, we keep drawing!

For the Brierley’s event, which will be held on the North Saskatchewan’s Brierley’s Rapids west of Rocky Mountain House on July 14th, Undercurrents, and Scott Subaru from Red Deer will be hosting a similar draw for a Limon 2013 Jackson Kayak Karma M, super sick! Once again, patrons, spectators, and volunteers are all eligible to win…but you better stick around until the end of the event!

Lastly, as a contingency, World Kayak will be working with the Alberta Whitewater Association at their Sundre Paddlefest on the Upper Red Deer River on July 26th to the 28th. On the 28th, Undercurrents along side with Subaru Calgary, will be placing the last of the Jackson kayak draws for another, yes another Limon 2013 Jackson Kayak Karma M, so if you didn’t win at the Brierley’s you might be able to win one at the Paddlefest !

Once again, we at World Kayak would like to send a sincere thanks to the gang at Undercurrents, Scott Subaru, and Subaru Calgary for their generous support to our Alberta World Kayak events! Kudos!



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