Affiliate Sponsor – Subaru Calgary

World Kayak Alberta is incredible proud to announce one of our largest Affiliate Sponsors, Subaru Calgary. The awesome crew at Subaru Calgary recognize that paddling is a passion, not unlike how they feel about their cars, and we appreciate the passion they bring to the table in helping to support our events here in Alberta.

Subaru Calgary Sponsorship 2013

Lead by Marketing Director Drew Bell, with the full support of Mike Bresett and the management team, Subaru Calgary was very gracious to support both the Harvie Passage and the Elbow River World Kayak Hometown Throwdowns Unfortunately, due to environmental concerns, we have since had to postpone the Elbow River Creekfest Event, but have subsequently redirected efforts to the weekend long Alberta Whitewater Association’s Paddlefest in late July. Subaru Calgary, stood tall and supported us through the transition in finding a new venue to host another Hometown Throwdown. Thanks Drew and Mike for your support and patience!

So, for 2013, Subaru Calgary along with Undercurrents Calgary, have combined to bring not one…but two Jackson Kayaks to the table for an event draw! Wicked!

Drew went down to the Undercurrents store earlier in April to pick up both the boats from Undercurrents Calgary owner Tony Palmer, and took a few promo shots inside the shop. Now Drew…why didn’t you squeeze into that All-Star instead of making Tony do it? Haha. Great shot guys. Tony is sitting in the all new 2013 Jackson Kayak All Star which will be up for the draw at the Havie Passage event, and Drew is sitting in the 2013 Jackson Kayak Karma M which will be up for draw at the AWA’s Paddlefest.

We here at World Kayak Alberta and the Alberta Freestyle Kayaking Association would like to extend a great thank you to Drew Bell and to Manager Mike Bresett in helping out our associations, we are grateful for your contributions!

Harvie Passage Hometown Throwdown 2013

Subaru Calgary will be down, at riverside showcasing a few of their top selling vehicles for patrons, and spectators to check out. We hope to have 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek, along with a new 2014 Subaru Forester down at the grounds, with both of the Jackson Kayaks on top of the cars! Drew, and likely some of his sales team will be down at riverside taking in some of the festivities, and can be available to answer any questions you may have on the Crosstrek, the Forester, or any other awesome Subaru products in production.

At the conclusion of the Harvie event, patrons, volunteers, and spectators will be eligible to win a 2013 Jackson Kayak All Star (Fire & Ice) Kayak. The kayak will be up for a random draw. Patrons to the event will receive one free ticket, and volunteers will receive 5 free tickets. Additional tickets can be purchased at 1 ticket for $5, and 5 tickets for $20. Drew Bell from Subaru will be conducting the draw, and more importantly, YOU MUST BE PRESENT at the time of the draw to claim the kayak.

Alberta Whitewater Association Paddlefest / S Bends World Kayak Hometown Throwdown 2013

As a contingency to the Elbow River Creekfest postponement, we were happy to combine efforts with the Alberta Whitewater Association in hosting a Freestyle Competition on the Red Deer S-Bends. Paddlefest is a true celebration of paddling which brings all forms of river paddling together as one. Slalom events, clinics, freestyle, down river, and regular ol’ paddling will be had by all during this weekend event which will be held just West of Sundre on the banks of the Upper Red Deer River.

Subaru Calgary will also be there, likely with a few cars for people to check out, and perhaps demo. The weekend will be a great venue for Subaru Calgary to meet with many interested patrons and spectators in the foothills area. The Red Deer River valley will certainly prove to be a great area for Subaru Calgary’s Subaru’s to stretch out their rally roots!

Again, Subaru Calgary along with Undercurrents Calgary will be contributing a new 2013 Jackson Kayak Karma Medium (Limon) Kayak as a kayak draw for the event. Like the Harvie’s event, patrons will receive one ticket once they register for the event, and volunteers will receive 5 tickets for their contribution to the event. Again, additional tickets can be purchased for the draw at 1 ticket for $5 or 5 tickets for $20. Again, like Harvie’s, Drew Bell from Subaru will be conducting the draw, and more importantly, YOU MUST BE PRESENT at the time of the draw to claim the kayak.




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