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It’s a self-evident truth that a successful shop has to stock and promote products their consumers want. The high-value brands that consumers have made their #1 choices on.

That’s why, for over 30 years, Outdoor Gear Canada (OGC) has focused on just that. With this philosophy, OGC has ultimately become one of Canada’s leading distributor forĀ  cycling, skiing, and outdoor gear for retailers across the nation. OGC is also a great supporter of many cycling and skiing events across the country, and has ultimately become one of World Kayak’s lead Affiliate Sponsors in supporting our whitewater events.

OGC sells numerous top level brands, like GoPro to dealers throughout Canada, and supports dealers to promote product and create demand.

OGC realized from their first days in business that, as a supplier, OGC could not be successful unless their dealers were successful. It’s on that premise alone that OGC promotes all the leading brands in the cycling, skiing, and outdoor marketplace.

World Kayak Alberta Sponsorship 2013

With support from Outdoor Gear Canada and GoPro Canadian Representative Steve Gaffney, the World Kayak Alberta events will have a few more goodies to supply as draw prizes for spectators, volunteers, and of course patrons for our 2013 events. Alongside with the great Jackson Kayak draws from Undercurrents / Scott Subaru / Subaru Calgary, we will also be placing a draw for a GoPro 3 Silver Edition Camera as well! Super SICK!

So, how can I win a GoPro 3 Siver Edition Camera? Well, I’m glad you asked. Simply register to participate, offer to volunteer, or simply spectate at any of our 3 World Kayak Events, and enter to win. Patrons upon registration will receive a single draw ticket, volunteers will receive 5 draw tickets, and spectators will be required to purchase draw tickets for both the Jackson Kayak / GoPro draws. This will be two separate draws to be clear, the winner of the kayak does not automatically win the camera…but nice try though!

Tickets will be sold at the registration table for the draws, for those wanting to have a greater chance at winning. Tickets can be purchased for 1 for $5, or 5 for $20, and all proceeds will go towards the Alberta Whitewater Association/ Alberta Freestyle Kayaking Association initiatives in supporting kayaking in Alberta. Keep in mind, the person who’s ticket is drawn, MUST BE PRESENT at the time of the draw to claim the camera, otherwise we draw again!

Super sweet prizes supplied to us by the great gang at Outdoor Gear Canada. Steve, we all appreciate OGC’s generous contribution to the event, and we look forward to having your OGC presence at the events themselves!

For more information about Outdoor Gear Canada, view their website at: or check out their latest posts at their OGC Blog: .

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