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Owner Simon Coward, and his merry team of instructor’s, coaches, and team members at Aquabatics in Calgary Alberta have really become an iconic presence in Western Canada for providing top notch instruction, service, and of course expeditionary trips. The team at Aquabatics have routinely supported not only World Kayak events, but many other paddle related festivals in the Alberta region. Their support, and overall presence amplifies the sport as a whole, and for that, we all thank you!

Aquabatics Sponsorship 2012

Aquabatics really stepped up the plate in 2012 in becoming one of our first Platinum Sponsors for our World Kayak  Brierley’s Hometown Throwdown . Simon took the liberty of anteing up for other sponsors to follow suit. Setting the bar per se!

First of all, they were gracious enough to send one of their staff to the event to help out and provide demo boats. Paddler / Instructor Matt Burton came out to help in some of the freestyle clinics, and also ended up providing a great dryland swiftwater rescue seminar for some of the registrants of the event. Matt took the group through some basic techniques and challenged the group to some Z-Drag scenarios where the participants were required to set their own system up independently of one another. A great learning tool for all involved, as it gave opportunity to evaluate systems across the board.

Matt also provided a great selection of demo freestyle boats for people to try out as well. On top of it all, Matt just filled essential roles through the weekend and was  tremendous help in the kitchen and at the ‘que’. His laid back attitude and persona was a nice welcome to the craziness of the weekend! Thanks Matt!

On top of having great support from the staff, Aquabatics also chipped in a few courses and some other schwag for participants of the event.

The first  item put on the block was a River Safety & Rescue Course which was reserved as a draw for anyone who participated in the swiftwater rescue seminar that Matt held on Saturday. This $300+ weekend course went to one of the group members through a mini draw that Matt had held at the conclusion of the seminar. The runner up received a great Pin Kit also provided by Aquabatics! Killer!

On Sunday, we held the Silent Auction, and another participant of the event received an Intro to Creeking Course also worth well over $300 dollars!

Once again, thanks to Simon and to Matt, and to the great gang at Aquabatics for their continued support in whitewater initiatives and festivals all over Alberta and beyond. Aquabatics is proud to support the World Kayak initiatives and continues to maintain their Platinum Sponsor status! You’re a great group of guys and gals over there! Keep up the great work!

Aquabatics Sponsorship 2013

Well, once again, as per usual, Simon, without hesitation has stepped up to the plate and has once again raised the bar for other Sponsors to follow. Upon hearing that World Kayak was holding not just one but three events for 2013, well, Simon jumped at the chance to help out. This year is a little different in regards to sponsorship from Aquabatics…let me explain.

The gang at Aquabatics are not only some of the best instructors in Western Canada in what they do, but they are qualified Swiftwater Rescue Instructors as well. This year, World Kayak Alberta is embarking on its first creek race on the Elbow River, and World Kayak Alberta Ambassador Eric Albert has gone to Simon and his team for assistance in making this event one to remember. Simon and his team will be assisting Eric in organizing this event and providing critical safety at key areas during the main competition. In lieu of these services, World Kayak is granting Platinum Sponsorship to Aquabatics for this needed contribution. Thanks Simon!

For the AFKA / World Kayak Brierley’s Hometown Throwdown and the Harvie Passage Hometown Throwdown, Simon will be contributing one of his Aquabatics Weekend Courses for each of the events. The winning participant can choose whichever course they very well please which spans over one of their weekend dates. This value is again worth over $300+, for each event…but that’s not all!

Aquabatics, as many know is a leader in the region for paddle related gear and boats. Aquabatics is also Calgary’s regional dealer for Kokatat as well, which most of you know is a main sponsor to our World Kayak series. Simon has been gracious to provide a participant or volunteer the ability to win a new 2013 Kokatat Maximus Prime PFD one for each the Harvie and Brierley’s events as well! Simon intends on bringing his complete line of Kokatat gear to all three WK Alberta events this year, so you might wnat to show up and check it out, you just never know what sort of deal you could get by being there front and center!

Once again Simon, you’ve outdone yourself. We look forward to seeing you, Blair, Matt, Mitch, Jiri, and the gang at our WK events! Have a great year guys!





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