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Surprisingly enough, being that I am the Western Canada Representative for SylvanSport, it was only natural to make SylvanSport a Sponsor for our World Kayak Events. Our flagship trailer the “GO”¬† is a pack mule for our events for sure. Gear, boats, and bikes for my kids to rip around on are all critical for my sanity and success in getting the job done on site. The trailer really an all in one unit, as it also allows¬† me to use it as a registration / staging point, and a place for organizers to meet and coordinate efforts…even in the pouring rain.

I have been representing SylvanSport now since 2011, and things have been going extremely well. It draws attention like no tomorrow, and I am constantly asked what it’s all about. Well, in essence this trailer is a Swiss Army Knife as far as trailers go.

In the low Travel Mode, being the lowest mode for the trailer, fuel savings are optimized even with a stack of boats loaded onto the Thule / Yakima ready rack system.You still have some degree of storage for Rubbermaid bins to be stored under the camp pod. I usually store my stove, camp gear, cooler, and paddling gear in this area.

In the Transport Mode, the trailer extends itself upwards allowing for additional storage space for coolers, bikes, and of course boats. I have loaded this baby up with rafts, oars, frames, com-boxes, and nick knacks required for multi day rafting expeditions like the Selway / Lochsa Trip we did in 2012! Also, in this mode, you can even drive a quad into the back of the trailer, and off you ‘GO’! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Lastly, in the camp mode, the tent pops down from the camp pod and folds out into this huge base camp of sorts for all my organizing needs. It has a table inside for patrons to come in and register, an awning, and of course it converts into a King Size & 1/2 bed at night.

It’s simplicity, innovation, and craftsmanship are second to none. I would have to say, it even beats my boats as my most favorite piece of gear….and that’s saying a lot!

For more information for perhaps having a GO of your own for organizing events or for getting your gear where you need it, check out the following links below. If you are in Western Canada and would like to get one for your own, contact Eric at, and we’ll set ya up!

SylvanSport Main Website

SylvanSport Main Facebook Page / Western Canada SylvanSport Website

SylvanSport Western Canada Facebook Site

SylvanSport Virtual Pamphlet

SylvanSport e-Brochure (PDF)


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