WK Alberta Affiliate Sponsor – Undercurrents

As we all know, sponsors are critical for events to be successful. Luckily we have great sponsors with World Kayak, but affiliates, like Undercurrents out of Calgary Alberta, really bring some much needed energy to events.

This year, Undercurrents along with Scott Subaru and Subaru Calgary are pleased to announce that they will be donating not one, but three…yes three, Jackson Kayaks to our World Kayak Alberta events for 2013! Check out Undercurrents’ Affiliate Sponsor Page to find out which ones, and how you can win!

Great thanks to Tony and his supportive staff at Undercurrents Calgary for their generous contribution to our events. Be sure to come see the Undercurrents tent at our events, and try out any of the great Jackson Kayaks they’ll have available!

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June 18th, 2018

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