WK Alberta Affiliate Sponsor – Aquabatics

Once again, the great team at Aquabatics has stepped up to sponsor all of our WK events here in Alberta.

Owner and good friend Simon Coward has graciously donated two weekend courses and two Kokatat Maximus Prime PFD’s to our events this year.

Check out our Harvie Passage event, and our Brierley’s event, which are all scheduled for June / July 2013!

Also, go and learn more about this great team at our Aquabatics Affiliate Sponsor Page.

Another great local sponsor for our World Kayak events out here in Alberta, killer kudos to the team at Aquabatics!

Thanks to Simon, Matt, Mitch, Blair, Jiri, and the great gang that work at Aquabatics for your continued support! See ya in the eddies there guys!

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May 25th, 2018

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