Alabama Rivers


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Coosa River has seen its fair share of events over the years and it starts in the whitewater section of the river, from Jordan Dam to downtown Wetumpka. Along the way down, you come across some of the best play spots in the south. There are a few of these play spots called Maytag, Baby Gap Moccasin Gap, Pipe Line and Corn Creek Rapid. It ranges from class I to class III from top to bottom, with some beautiful trees, rocks, and wildlife. Maytag is small side surfing hole, that helps you fine tune your surfing skills, followed by Baby Gap, which has two features. A wave and a small hole play hole below it, now it looks like a small version of Moccasin Gap further down the river.

  Moccasin Gap is a class III rapid with five play holes and a big wave and is the main feature on the coosa where all the action happens. From watching freestyle kayaking, to people swimming the rapid for fun and good hang out on the big rock with friends. Just down alittle ways down is the wave trains of Pipe Line, to the whirl pools of Corn Creek Rapid. The river is very laid back  between the rapids, so you have both whitewater and flatwater.

  Fishing is another big attaraction to the area with the best spotted bass in the river chain. The Coosa River holds a special place being the Alabama River Trail for hikers and paddlers. 



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The Tallapoosa River, which is 16 miles east of Wetumpka, in Tallassee, AL. It contains all class III/IV in the thurlow section below Thurlow Dam. A great whitewater at all water levels, with big holes, big waves and some nice creeking features.The dam release ranges from 400 to 13,000 cfs year around and always has a great place to fine tune kayaking skills.

  There are five main features in this scetion of river. Sticky Hole, Big O, Rolleer Coaster, The Falls and the Play Park. Sticky Hole is a big sticky hole that is very deep and every move out there can be done the there with ease. Big O is a small version of Five O on the Mullberry and can play a couple of boaters at a time. Its fast, steep and once your on, hold on a for a ride. Next is the famous Roller Coaster, and its alittle tricky because you do not see the line until you get right on it, on the tongue. The rapid has a long big wave train, flanked by three holes on its sides, but a very big eye opener. The final big rapid is the Falls and they say alot about the river. Many lines to choose from, but choose careful, and some are easy and some are hard, but the main line on normal flows is the right side of the falls. At lower levels the falls become a creeking rapid, very close to the LRC rivers up north. Eddy hoppping and tight lines are the way to go at low levels. 

  The play park is a river wide playboating magnet for many of the locals and offers many kinds of different holes and waves to play in.So if go the Tallapoosa, you will have a blast and remember the experience.



Weoka is a pretty nice run if you are short on time.The currents starts off slow, but ledges and small class I’s start pick up as you go along. Near the end a series of more ledges, class II make it fun until you reach the bottom where two small class III’s come into view. One is the Sand Bar , which has a nice wave train with a play hole at the bottom, followed by the Weoka Falls which a slide of about 8 feet and a few ledges below it.

 The last thing you run is the low head dam at the famous Weoka Mills into the Lake Jordan. The creek is a beautiful creek that runs from Coosa County to Elmore County about 8 to 9 miles long if you choose to run all of the river. The whitewater is in the low section and where most put in.

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