The Alabama region is located in beautiful Wetumpka, Al. We have many outdoor activities in our region that play to all types of outdoor people.

 First is the two big events that involve the Coosa River. The Coosa Whitewater Festival is set once a year in the heart of summer in the first week of June at the Moccasin Gap on the Coosa River.Moccasin Gap is a class III and has many play holes and waves in one spot. Many kayakers pro and non attend every year and is growing. The 2005 National Championship was held here during the Coosa Whitewater Festival.

  The other big event is the Coosa River Challenge which is a three-stage event which contains biking to running, then kayaking and back to running into downtown Wetumpka.The event is a ggod way to test your endurance and skills.If you are looking for just rivers to run then we have what you are looking for. We have from class I-IV all around the area and region. The Tallapoosa is a good class III/IV just 16 miles east of Wetumpka and just alittle north elmore county we have a few class II. Weoka, Sokahatchee, Hatchet are all great runs close by and test a beginners skills on a low level. Run alittle more north and northeast you get into some good class III/IV in Birmingham and Alex City areas. Birmingham has Locust, Mullberry, Graves, Big Sacomb and Warrior. In AC you have the Upper and Lower Elk and the Halabehee. There is so many others to name.What ever you choose, you will experience a good and fun time.

 If you like to go hiking and biking, then you can head you to Sway Back Trails, which has a 13 mile loop. Looking for something alittle easier then head to the historic Fort Jackson down on the lower end and step back in time and enjoy a peaceful day. You looking to do some fishing and you can not find a better place to be. The Coosa River is known for the best spotted bass fishing in the southeast.But whatever you find yourself into, you will enjoy your time and experience.

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